Accreditation: IOUF – CICRCL Partnership

Intercultural Open University Foundation dual degree PhD Programs are accredited through the international partnership with the Universidad Azteca (UAzteca)  and the Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN). UAzteca is recognized and accredited by the Federal Secretary of Public Education of the United States of Mexico.  UCN is accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Nicaragua.

IOUF’s dual degree programs meet the requirements of applicable law for both UAZTECA & UCN examination regulations. Upon successful completion of their IOUF doctoral program, the participants will be awarded two doctoral degrees. UAZTECA grants the title of (Dr.) Doctor en Filosofía (PhD Doctor of Philosophy). UCN. UAZTECA validates the IOUF program according to the academic requirements of the inter-university doctoral program of UAZTECA & UCN, and is also in charge of the administration and conduct of the inter-university programme on behalf of UCN.

In addition IOUF is a charitable educational Foundation registered in both the Netherlands and United States. IOUF’s academic programs have been peer reviewed by HEXTLEARN, a project funded with support of the Lifelong Learning Program of the European Commission.

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