Admission: IOUF – CICRCL Partnership

Admission to IOUF – CICRCL’s PhD program happens through a series of steps that begins with the application process. Prospective Learners should send a letter or email of of inquiry to Dean Janae Weinhold at indicating interest. This will be followed by a consultation with Dean Weinhold about the doctoral studies program, and information about the Pre-admissions Colloquium.

The self-directed learning course/Pre-admission Colloquium leads prospective learners through an orientation process that provides them with an overview of IOUF – CICRCL’s unique model for doctoral learners, information comparing traditional vs. self-directed doctoral programs, and about its self-directed, constructivistic, multidisciplinary learning model. The self-directed learning course/Pre-Admission Colloquium also helps prospective learners identify curriculum goals and plans, so they can determine if the program is personally and professionally appropriate.

The Pre-Admissions Colloquium time frame is open ended, giving individuals time to assess its compatibility. It includes group meetings with other prospective learners, individual mentoring time from the IOUF – CICRCL Core Faculty members and support in preparing the Application materials. The cost of this Colloquium is $100 per month.

Individuals must complete the Pre-Admissions Colloquium before they are officially admitted to IOUF – CICRCL’s Doctoral Studies Program. The minimum time for completing the Colloquium is one month. There is no maximum time for participating in the Colloquium. All Colloquium fees are applied towards CICRCL’s $4,500 program fee. There are no refunds for individuals who decide not to apply for the doctoral program after participating in the Colloquium.

The Application Materials include the following documents that must be submitted Dean Janae Weinhold for review and approval for admission:

Your completed IOUF-CICRCL Doctoral Application (download: IOUF-CICRCL Application form) contains nine components.

1. Personal Information

2. A personal narrative.

3. Your Independent Reading List of previous independent reading directly related to your Area of Specialization that will describe your professional and academic interests.

4. Your Curriculum Vita, including information about your previous employers & employment, location, length of employment, responsibilities and accomplishments in each position.

5. Specialized Training documentation.

6. Scanned copies of your previous diplomas.

7. A scan of your passport or divers license

8. A head shot photo suitable for passport.

9. Two letters of recommendation from mentors, trainers, teachers or colleagues that address your readiness for PhD study.

Once prospective learners complete the Pre-Admissions Colloquium and the application process, Dr. Janae Weinhold forwards their Application Materials to IOU Foundation President, Dr. Sandra Hurlong for review. If accepted, prospective learners must then pay the Foundation’s $4,500 fee, which is then dispersed to its partners, UAZETECA and UNC.

IOUF – CICRCL Learners pay the balance on CICRCL’s $4,500 self-directed learning and mentoring fee over two or three years through an individually negotiated financial plan.


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