Certificate Programs For Mental Health Counselors

CPDC offers Certificate programs for mental health counselors that award participants a Certificate of Proficiency. Licensed Professional Counselors and those studying to become licensed are also awarded CEUs from NBCC.

Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Training Programs

This series of certificate programs educate and train healthcare practitioners in how to provide effective and ethical healthcare services for clients who have been exposed to both event and relational/developmental trauma. Our Trauma-Informed Certificate Training Programs are designed to improve the proficiency of healthcare practitioners while the healthcare industry moves towards a national trauma-informed care model of service delivery. Our certificate programs follow the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) trauma-informed approach.

The Unique Aspects of Our Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Training Programs

Here are some of the unique aspects of our TIC Certificate Training Programs:

  • The motto we use is “Do onto yourself before doing unto others.” This provides a deep personal grounding for the therapist’s work with others. It means they are aware of their own traumas and are actively working on them.
  • We identify the therapist himself or herself as the primary therapeutic “tool,” whose task is to create a resonant, attuned field for the client that contains Presence.
  • We focus on identifying hidden relational traumas involving neglect as well as abuse.
  • In addition to following SAMHSA’s guidelines on Trauma-Informed Care, we teach participants to also become Attachment-Informed.
  • Our approach identifies seven components of developmental trauma and the interventions for healing each of them.
  • We teach specialized skills for healing relational traumas while other approaches only emphasize skills for healing event trauma.
  • We help trainees learn how to achieve significant results with clients in 3-6 sessions.
  • We look at how unhealed developmental trauma has long-term effects on the mental and physical health of their clients.
  • Our trainings are live, interactive and experiential.
  • We emphasize both personal development and professional skill development.
  • We teach trainees to learn how to attune with their clients and to build safe, empathic relationships.

We offer  four levels of Trauma-Informed Certification Training:

  1. Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certification
  2. Trauma-Informed Trainer Certification
  3. Trauma-Informed Caregiver Certification
  4. Trauma-Informed Organization Certification

Developmental Process Work Certificate Program

This program certifies participants’ proficiency in Developmental Process Work,  the Weinholds’ trauma-specific model. Participants learn how to identify and clear their own developmental shock, trauma and stress, and to heal developmental issues associated with the Disorganized Attachment Style.

Male Mother Facilitator Certificate Program

This experiential, skill-based, Certificate Training is based on Barry Weinhold’s book, The Male Mother: The Missing Skill Set For Fathers. It provides a structure that therapists can use for conducting small groups in their practice. The training enables therapists to create small groups in their practice for fathers, grandfathers or fathers-to-be who wish to learn these skills.

This program is limited to 15 participants. If you are interested in this training program please contact Dr.Barry Weinhold, who is the instructor of the program. This program will begin when there is as minimum of 10 professional registered.

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