Male Mother Facilitator Training

MM front coverDESCRIPTION: This experiential, skill-based, Certificate Training is based on Barry Weinhold’s book, The Male Mother: The Missing Skill Set For Fathers. It provides a structure that therapists can use for conducting small groups in their practice. After completing this Certification Training, therapists can organize small support groups to train fathers or grandfathers to apply these Male Mother skills in their interactions with their children and grandchildren. The training will enable these therapists to create small groups in their practice for fathers, grandfathers or fathers-to-be who wish to learn these skills.

All Facilitator trainees will receive a copy of The Male Mother book and a copy of the Facilitator’s Manual that provides the content and structure for 23 two-hour small group sessions.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Participants will learn:

  1. To identify their own history as a son and a father.
  2. Clear any guilt or shame they may be still carrying about their own fathering experiences.
  3. To assess their current level of proficiency in the use of Male Mother skills.
  4. To use critical key Male Mother skills including:
    • How to display genuine empathy toward children.
    • Speak and act in nurturing ways toward children.
    • Show compassion toward their children even when they oppose their father’s ideas or requests.
    • Be able to look their children in the eyes and connect with them in authentic ways.
    • Give their children emotional support, mirroring and unconditional love.
    • Negotiate to get their needs met without diminishing the needs of their children.
    • Create a lifestyle that models life-giving values, beliefs and behaviors toward plants, animals and all creatures that are vulnerable and dependent.
    • To have access to the “wisdom of the heart” or intuition to guide their decisions.
  5. The four important initiations that fathers must perform for their children to provide them with a solid psychological foundation for the rest of their lives.
  6. To use Male Mother skills in disciplining children.
  7. How to express unconditional love toward children.
  8. How to help children identify their needs and feelings.
  9. The functions of feelings and how to express them effectively.
  10. How to identify wants and needs and resolve conflicts with children involving wants and needs.
  11. How to resolve conflicts of values and beliefs with children using Male Mother skills.
  12. How to identify and heal developmental traumas in themselves and in children.

AUDIENCE: Registered Psychotherapists, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidates, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage & Family Counselors Licensed Social Workers.

PREREQUISITES: Be a practicing male psychotherapist who already utilizes small groups as part of his practice. Male therapists must have an interest in and knowledge of working with adult males. The training will be limited to 15 therapists. Supervision will be available to participants following the workshop, if requested.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT INFORMATION: This seminar is designed to meet some of the professional development requirements of Candidates for LPC Licensure. Licensed Professional Counselors will receive an NBCC accredited Certificate of Attendance for 12.8 contact hours. All participants will receive a Facilitator’s Certificate to endorsing them to conduct Male Mother support groups.

buybutton2 Date: TBA $300.00
(Includes lunches, a copy of the Male Mother book and a copy of the Facilitator’s Manual)

LOCATION: CPDC Offices, central Colorado Springs, CO.


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