Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certificate: 3-Day Program

19.6 NBCC CEUs

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This Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certificate is designed for mental health professionals and advanced graduate students who wish to become proficient in providing effective, trauma-informed clinical skills. These skills are designed to help clients who have been exposed to both event trauma and relational/developmental trauma.

The training program includes foundational information in:

  • trauma-informed care vs. trauma-specific treatment and training
  • treating trauma vs. healing trauma,
  • the relevant research on the role of developmental trauma as causes of psychopathology,
  • basic attachment theory,
  • Disorganized Attachment as an organizing force in humans and human systems,
  • an attachment-based model of psychotherapy,
  • systemic trauma theory,
  • The Trauma Continuum
  • simple interventions for treating shock, trauma and stress states,
  • the long-term impact of trauma and loss on physical and mental health,
  • the correlation between trauma and addictions,
  • identifying and assessing traumatized individuals,
  • practice-based trauma interventions,
  • the role of the therapeutic relationship in healing traumas,
  • a Mind/Body/Spirit approach to healing trauma,
  • self-care skills for counselors/therapists exposed to vicarious trauma,
  • helping clients learn emotional self-regulation skills, and
  • preparing clients to cope effectively with future challenges.

This training program includes multi-media lectures, online learning modules, demonstrations, experiential learning, in-class practice reading assignments, and a proficiency exam. The training helps participants increase their personal skills in self-reflection, self-correction, self-directedness, self-authorizing and self-authoring. Participants are always in charge of what they disclose. The experiential components of the program, however, may involve identifying personal issues that could interfere with their effectiveness as practitioners.

Participants Will Learn:

      • To identify their personal attachment style and associated developmental traumas.
      • To identify the impact of adverse childhood experiences on their personal and professional functioning.
      • To identify the developmental sources of physical and mental health issues in children and adults.
      • Proficiency in building healthy, ethical and effective client-therapist relationships based on an attachment/trauma model of psychotherapy.
      • Proficiency in assessing clients who are experiencing states of developmental stress, trauma and shock and to use ethical, evidence-based trauma-informed clinical interventions.
      • Proficiency in identifying the correlations between relational trauma and addictions and the use of ethical, evidence-based trauma-informed clinical interventions.
      • Proficiency in identifying professional trauma-based counter-transference issues that might affect the client-therapist relationship.
      • Proficiency in teaching clients in how to self-regulate their emotions and practice mindful self-care.
      • To utilize ongoing supervision to support and enhance a trauma-informed clinical practice.
      • How to help their clients become trauma-informed.

TRAINERS:   Janae B. Weinhold, Ph.D., LPC & Barry K. Weinhold, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist 

AUDIENCE: Registered Psychotherapists, LPC Candidates, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage & Family Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Licensed Psychologists, 2nd year Mental Health Graduate Students, Directors & Administrators of social service agencies, chiropractors, bodyworkers and physicians.


This course is designed to qualify towards professional development requirements. You will receive a Practitioner Certificate at the end of the training indicating 19.6 contact hours. Licensed Professional Counselors will also receive an NBCC accredited Certificate of Attendance for 19.6 contact hours.

TRAINING SCHEDULE: Summer 2018 dates:  July 19 – 21, 2018

TIMES:  9 am – 5:30 pm each day

TRAINING COST:  $500 (Includes lunches, textbook & materials)

LOCATION: TBA in Colorado Springs, CO

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