Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certificate: 5-Day Intensive

26 clock hours – Five Days

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This Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certificate is designed for mental health professionals and advanced graduate students who wish to become proficient in providing effective, ethical, evidence-based trauma-informed clinical skills. These skills are designed to help clients who have been exposed to both event trauma and relational/developmental trauma.

The training program includes foundational information in:

  • trauma-informed care basics
  • trauma-informed care vs. trauma-specific treatment
  • the relevant research that provides evidence for the causes of psychopathology and trauma-based interventions,
  • attachment theory,
  • an attachment-based model of psychotherapy,
  • the Trauma Continuum and systemic trauma theory,
  • the long-term impact of trauma and loss on physical and mental health,
  • the correlation between trauma and addictions,
  • treating models vs. a healing model
  • the role of the therapeutic relationship in healing traumas,
  • counter-transference issues,
  • self-care skills for counselors/therapists exposed to vicarious trauma,
  • identifying and assessing traumatized individuals,
  • helping clients learn emotional self-regulation skills, and
  • preparing clients to cope effectively with future challenges.

This training program includes multi-media lectures, online learning modules, demonstrations, experiential learning, in-class practice reading assignments, and a proficiency exam. The training helps participants increase their personal skills in self-reflection, self-correction, self-directedness, self-authorizing and self-authoring. Participants are always in charge of what they disclose. The experiential components of the program, however, may involve identifying personal issues that could interfere with their effectiveness as practitioners.

Participants Will Learn:

      • To identify their personal attachment style and associated developmental traumas.
      • The significance of disorganized caregiving in infancy and how to identify Disorganized Attachment
      • To identify the impact of their adverse childhood experiences on their personal and professional functioning.
      • Proficiency in understanding the developmental sources of physical and mental health issues in children and adults.
      • Proficiency in building healthy, ethical and effective client-therapist relationships based on an attachment/trauma model of psychotherapy.
      • Proficiency in assessing clients who are experiencing states of developmental stress, trauma and shock and to use ethical, evidence-based trauma-informed clinical interventions.
      • Proficiency in identifying the correlations between relational trauma and addictions and the use of relational approaches to healing developmental trauma
      • Proficiency in identifying and addressing their own trauma-based counter-transference issues that might affect the client-therapist relationship.
      • Proficiency in teaching clients in how to self-regulate their emotions and practice mindful self-care.
      • To utilize ongoing supervision to support and enhance a trauma-informed clinical practice.
      • How to help their clients become trauma-informed.
      • How to integrate trauma-informed psychotherapy practices with the new DSM-V.

TRAINERS: Janae B. Weinhold, PhD LPC & Barry Weinhold, PhD Licensed Psychologist

AUDIENCE: Registered Psychotherapists, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidates, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage & Family Counselors, School Counselors,  Social Workers, Psychologists, 2nd year Mental Health Graduate Students, chiropractors, bodyworkers and physicians.


This course is designed to qualify towards professional development requirements. You will receive a Certificate of Proficiency at the end of the program indicating 26 contact hours. Licensed Professional Counselors will also receive an NBCC accredited Certificate of Attendance for 26 contact hours.

ENROLLMENT MAXIMUM: 20 participants

TRAINING SCHEDULE: August 30, 31, September 1, 2, 3, 2017
Please arrive at SunMountain Center by 4 pm on August 29th for dinner and evening orientation.
Training ends after lunch on Sunday, Sept. 3rd.

The morning program focuses on CPDC’s unique TIC training model.
The afternoon program contains a variety of activities for integration, restoration and reflection.
They include a process group, somatic bodywork & acupuncture by TIC-trained practitioners (additional fees), soaking at the SunWater Spa, journaling, and time in Nature.

Fee includes textbooks. Click the Pay Now button below to register.

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VENUE: SunMountain Center, Manitou Springs, CO
This newly opened retreat center is located near Garden of the Gods, downtown Manitou Springs and many other natural and historical Colorado destinations. SunMountain offers TIC participants a unique opportunity to learn, renew and restore in a retreat environment. Feel peace as you immerse in nature and tranquility, reconnect with yourself as you take in the stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains.. The venue offers a complimentary 2-hour soaking pass at the SunWater Spa, a sister facility within walking distance. SunMountain’s grounds are surrounded by large red rock formations, and many nooks and crannies for personal reflection and time in Nature.


Lodging is paid separately, we will send you the link to register at SunMountain after you have paid your training fee.

Lodging fees include all meals. Once you have registered, you will receive the link from us to reserve your room at Sun Mountain Center.

The Sun Mountain prepares vegetarian, gluten-free and organic foods in its meat-free kitchen. Participants who require meat in their diet are welcome to bring it with them and store in separate refrigerator.

They use the biodynamic food grown on the property, with an emphasis on creating a healing cuisine for yoga and wellness retreats. Incorporating farm-to-table, local food,  and local mineral water ensure that the highest quality and intention goes into each meal they prepare. The kitchen staff strives to create food that is not only meant to be healthy but also beautiful and appeal to all the senses.

Room options are Private, Double and Triple, all rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated.
See more about lodging rooms here.

Click the arrows below to see the lodging options.

Lodging option 1 – Private Room

There are 4 private rooms with their own bath.

Rate is $250/day + 11.5% hotel tax | x  5 days = $1,387.88

Lodging fee includes all meals – see more about meals at the SunMountain Center website.

Lodging option 2 – Double Room

There are  5 large double rooms with shared bath.

Rate is $125/day + 11.5% hotel tax | x  5 days = $693.94

Lodging fee includes all meals – see more about meals at the SunMountain Center website.

Lodging option 3 – Triple Suite

There are  2 large triple room suites with shared bath – ideal for teams coming together .

Rate is $125/day + 11.5% hotel tax | x  5 days = $693.94

Lodging fee includes all meals – see more about meals at the SunMountain Center website.


FOR MORE INFORMATION: Call (719) 445-0565 | or email:

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