Trauma-Informed Care Professional Certificate

19.5 clock hours / Three Days/3 Months

Certificate Training Description:

slider-img-1aThis Trauma-Informed Care Professional Certificate training is designed for professionals who wish to become proficient in providing effective, ethical, trauma-informed care for those who have been exposed to both event trauma and complex or developmental trauma. This training is a prerequisite for CPDC’s TIC Train-the-Trainer course scheduled for April and May 2016. See description

The training program includes foundational information in:

  • The importance of being trauma-informed.
  • The difference between event trauma and developmental trauma.
  • How and why developmental trauma has become a political issue and a game changer in the mental health profession.
  • The correlation between trauma, attachment style, adrenaline and addictions.
  • The biological impact of trauma on the Mind/Body.
  • The Trauma Continuum: a model for identifying and treating shock, trauma and stress states.
  • How to recognize the symptoms of developmental traumas.
  • How to screen for and assess the long-term impact of developmental trauma on mental and physical health.

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Unique Aspects of This Certificate Training

Here are some of the unique aspects of our training programs:

  • Our motto is “Do onto yourself before doing unto others.” This provided a deep personal grounding for the professional’s work with others.
  • We focus on how to identify the symptoms of hidden childhood relational traumas involving abuse and neglect and their long-term effects on the physical and mental health of adults.
  • We teach you what questions to ask to help you uncover any hidden developmental traumas.
  • Our trainings are interactive and experiential.
  • We emphasize both personal development and professional skill development.
  • We teach participants to learn how to attune with their clients and to build safe, empathic, professional relationships.

This training program includes multi-media lectures, an online course, demonstrations, experiential learning, in-class practice, a book & reading assignments, class discussions, and a requirement to demonstrate proficiency at the end.

 Participants Will Learn:

  • To correlate the Disorganized Attachment style with developmental trauma and long-term physical and mental health issues.
  • To assess the impact of adverse childhood experiences on the functioning of those whom they serve.
  • Proficiency in building healthy, ethical and effective patient/ client/customer relationships based on a trauma-informed, integrated healthcare model.
  • Proficiency in identifying states of developmental stress, trauma and shock and to use ethical, practice-based trauma-informed interventions.
  • Proficiency in identifying the correlations between relational trauma, adrenal fatigue and addictions.
  • Proficiency in identifying and addressing any trauma-based personal issues that might affect their client/patient/customer relationships.
  • Proficiency in learning self-regulation tools for mindful self-care.
  • The usefulness of ongoing consultation/supervision that supports a trauma-informed-care practice.
  • How to help patients/clients/students/customers become more trauma-informed.


TRAINERS: Debi Grebenik, PhD, LCSW, Director of the Trauma Training Institute, Janae B. Weinhold, PhD LPC, Barry K. Weinhold, PhD Licensed Psychologist

AUDIENCE: First Responders, Law Enforcement, Attorneys and Legal Professional, Mediators, Osteopaths, Corporate Managers, Physicians & Medical Personnel, Nurses, School Counselors & Social Workers, School Administrators, Clergy, Dentists & Dental Professionals, Childcare Administrators, Early Childhood Educators.

DATES & TIMES: — 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day.
Saturday, February 20
Saturday, March 19
Saturday, April 23

COST: $600, payable in three payments over the three months. Includes all class materials, a textbook, an online course, lunches and snacks and a certificate.

LOCATION: Colorado Springs, site TBA.

APPLICATION: Please download and complete this CPDC_app_form, and email it to: The Winter 2016 cohort group will be limited to 12, and participants will be notified by December 31, 2015.

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