Trauma-Informed Organization Certificate

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Certificate Training Description

This Trauma-Informed Organization Certificate training is designed for all organizations that serve the general public. This includes local and state governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, schools and universities, medical practice groups, legal and criminal justice system agencies, domestic violence agencies, parents’ groups, youth agencies, homeless agencies, and groups who provide regular care for traumatized populations. It offers information about how to recognize the symptoms of trauma in yourself and your clientele and the long-term effects of trauma on physical and mental health. In addition, it provides examples of effective, ethical, trauma-informed healthcare services for those who have been exposed to either event trauma or relational/developmental trauma.

The training programs includes information on:

  • the differences between event vs. relational trauma,
  • the symptoms of event or relational trauma in children, adolescents and adults,
  • the long-term impact of trauma and loss on physical and mental health,
  • self-care skills after exposure to vicarious trauma,
  • identifying and supporting traumatized individuals,
  • effective emotional self-regulation skills,
  • approaches for resolving traumatic/loss memories, and
  • preparing clients to cope effectively with future challenges.

Participants Will Learn:

  1. To understand the symptoms of unhealed early childhood trauma (abuse and neglect) in children, adolescents and adults.
  2. To recognize and understand the long-term effects of attachment trauma and other adverse childhood experiences on their lives and relationships.
  3. To identify their own attachment style and understand how it affects their lives and relationships.
  4. To recognize the impact of these childhood traumas on their long-term mental and physical health.
  5. To understand the relevant research on the long-term effects of early childhood trauma.
  6. To create trauma-informed programs and policies designed to help clients become better trauma-informed.
  7. To demonstrate mastery in helping peers effectively cope with the impact of childhood trauma.

TRAINERS: Janae B. Weinhold, PhD LPC & Barry K. Weinhold, PhD Licensed Psychologist

TRAINING OPTIONS: 3.5 hour block: one morning, one afternoon or one evening.

Price: Negotiable – Please Contact Us to discuss your organization’s needs.

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