Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certificate

26 clock hours /Two Formats:

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4-Days over Two Months Program – see link below for more information:

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Certificate Description

This Trauma-Informed Practitioner Certificate is designed for mental health professionals, advanced graduate students, and other healthcare professionals who wish to become proficient in providing effective, ethical, and trauma-informed clinical services. Our approach provides a framework for helping clients who have been exposed to both event trauma and relational/developmental trauma.

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What our TIC Certified Practitioners say about their experiences:

“I highly recommend the Weinholds’ Trauma Informed Care Training. The material they present is pertinent in understanding trauma, not only as an event but also in development as a human. I found it to be a rich opportunity for helping Healthcare Professionals understand the mechanism of trauma and its effect on the Central Nervous System. Barry and Janae include experiential learning with safe and skillful examples for facilitating self-process / exploration, as well as facilitation for others and group processes.
     Their training embodies presence, witnessing, connection, self-centering with resonance and much more. These qualities are the foundation to create healing for those who have been wounded. The Weinhold’s insights and experience fosters a deep understanding and respect for each person’s trauma experience and their ability to bring meaning and healing.
     Janae and Barry are beyond masterful. Their dedication to continue educating and writing reflects their evolving and conscious commitment to provide a better understanding of the human condition and how we can transcend.”
Susan Blue, Somatic Therapist and Educator.”


“Janae and Barry’s Trauma-Informed Care Training was very informative, relational, attuned, and necessary for most practitioners. It contains information that was not taught to me in graduate school and that I believe is very relevant for therapy work, no matter what intervention or treatment you ascribe to. Additionally, they present the material in an integrated and interactive way. I highly recommend their trainings!”
Kelly S., MA LPC


 “Not only did Trauma Informed Care classes present profound theoretical information and explanations for how to treat certain clients, it also presented me with the challenge of  facing my own (developmental) traumas and attachment styles. Barry and Janae explained very complicated psychological theories in a simple, clear manner. The handout materials have been helping me to review and work through theoretical and personal problems months after completion of the seminar. 
I have a feeling that I have not finished these classes yet.
It is break through, cutting age information that needs to be processed on a deep level.”

Anatoliy Fayfrych, MD


“The Trauma Informed Care training was a wonderful learning experience.  It took me into new territory and has expanded my horizons significantly.  It was professionally delivered and personally supportive.  If you are thinking of taking the course, I hope you do it!  Based on my exposure to this material and the presenters, it would be well worth the investment of your time and energy!”   
Anne Kidd, LCSW PhD Candidate


I have read and loved many of Barry and Janae’s books, but attending the TIC program in the fall of 2016, from enrollment to completion, was an experience that both prepared me to provide trauma-informed care and changed me at a deeply personal level.  Barry and Janae are a team, and it is no accident that they are male and female.  Their unique individual gifts and the field that they collaborate in invite the body to relax, the mind to engage, and the soul to be changed forever.  They are well prepared and their message rings true.  I highly recommend their work.
Toni Rahman, LCSW


Janae & Barry Weinhold’s Trauma-Informed Care training filled in the critical missing pieces of my professional training. They explained developmental trauma in a comprehensive manner that made complete sense of the relational patterns and core beliefs we all adopted before we can even remember doing so. They then taught effective ways to heal those patterns now as willing adults to complete our own healing and growing up. I recommend this training highly for all professionals who want to heal both their own wounds and those of others.
Sandra Felt, LCSW, BCD
Author of Beyond the Good-Girl Jail: When You Dare to Live from Your True Self


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