Fees: IOUF – CICRCL Partnership

IOUF – CICRCL Partnership tuition is designed to make high quality doctoral programs affordable for Learners regardless of their financial situation. Tuition fee payments are individually negotiated for each Learner. The Board of Governors, President, and staff are all dedicated to, centered around, and directed toward Learners who are active and involved in social change programs.

How do you obtain a PhD without accumulating a mountain of debt?

One of the most important questions facing prospective graduate and post-graduate students in many countries today is that of cost: many university programs require an investment of tens of thousands of dollars and with scholarship money in ever shorter supply, and government funding even more scarce, students are increasingly expected to find a way to finance their education out of their own pockets.

People who are already launched in their careers, and who have compelling professional reasons for obtaining a PhD degree, have a different set of considerations. Many have already started their families or have undertaken financial responsibilities related to their home and/or quality of life. Money is carefully allocated to existing needs and the prospect of finding the funds needed to complete an advanced degree is a daunting one.

The Intercultural Open University Foundation (IOUF) solution to this issue is an educational foundation focused on mentoring mature students through their PhD degrees. As an organization that is completely focused on distance education, we have no expensive “bricks and mortar” facilities to maintain and learners conduct their education at their own pace from the comfort of their own home or office.

With more than 30 years of experience in providing distance education to a globally-based student body, IOUF and its partners are experts in the technological and methodological issues involved in generating a successful learning experience. Our accreditation agreements with the Universidad Azteca and the Universidad Central de Nicaragua help ensure our global outlook and our emphasis on social change are reflected in our degree programs as well.

And while those are all strong benefits, many of our Learners are pleased to discover that the cost of tuition at the IOU Foundation is substantially lower than it is at many universities: it is $9,000 USD for the entire degree over two or three years. A limited number of scholarships for half this cost are available. Because the basic degree work is completed online, Learners incur only additional costs and living expenses associated with specialized learning with external scholars or mentors.

If you would like to find out how the IOUF-CICRCL Partnership can help you meet your academic goals without sinking under a mountain of fresh debt, please contact Dean Janae Weinhold more information.

Cost of Doctoral Program in 3 years (6 semesters): $9,000

Breakdown of Fees:
– Pre-admission Colloquium: $100 per month until Admission
– IOUF’s tuition: $4,500, paid at the time of Admission; includes administrative support and payments to IOUF’s Dual Degree partners.
– CICRCL’s tuition: $4,500 payable monthly over 2 – 3 years; includes Pre-Admission colloquium, administrative support and individual mentoring

For more information about fees, please call the CICRCL Office at: (719) 445-0565 or by email at janae@iouf-cicrcl.org.

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