Overview: PhD Program

IOUF – CICRCL’s Partnership doctoral program is not a conventional educational model. In collaboration with an IOUF-CICRCL’s Core Faculty mentor, each Learner creates an individualized curriculum of proficiency areas relevant to his or her chosen specializations. Again, with IOUF-CICRCL faculty mentors, each Learner identifies a specialized area of study, and creates a plan for how he or she will implementing this specialized study.

constructivist-teachingIOUF-CICRCL provides doctoral Learners with an academic environment based on constructivistic learning, grounded in interdisciplinary, intellectual discovery, and guided by rational discourse. Within this learning community, IOUF and CICRCL collaborate according to their basic values of respect for one another, cooperation, personal development, creative imagination, pride in a job well done, and intellectual and spiritual growth.

IOUF-CICRCL encourages the “scholar-practioner” model of learning, which is based on best practices in the education field and supported by scholarly literature. Learners inquire about and reflect upon their own work and its social relevance. They are mentored by Faculty to investigate important practical problems, to disseminate their research results to varied audiences, and to work with practitioners to implement and test research findings in their fields.

The IOUF-CICRCL Partnership supports clearly defined Learner and institutional quality assurance methods. Learners perform important and socially relevant work as they undertake their studies and develop themselves both personally and professionally.

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