Breaking Family Patterns

DESCRIPTION: Breaking Family Patterns is an experiential, skill-based workshop for therapists based on Barry Weinhold’s book, Breaking Free: Identifying and Changing Your Addictive Family Patterns. It is designed to give therapists the skills they need to help their clients identify and change their addictive and destructive, intergenerational family patterns.
A key part of the workshop is the presentation of 12 typical addictive family patterns showing participants how to identify and change these behavior patterns. Your clients can change their relationships in profound ways by identifying and changing their family patterns.  If they do not identify and change these family patterns, your clients are destined to continue to unconsciously act them out in their adult relationships causing serious dysfunction and they are destined to pass them on to their children.

 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Participants will learn:

1. To identify 12 addictive family patterns:

  • The reappearance of unwanted parental traits in your current relationships.
  • The replay of codependent and counter-dependent family patterns in your adult relationships
  • Living out your parent’s relationship in your adult relationship.
  • The parental disapproval syndrome.
  • Getting even.
  • Acting weak & helpless to get your way.
  • Seeing life as a struggle.
  • Repression of sexual feelings.
  • Being “parentized” as a child.
  • Loyalty and legacy family issues.
  • Family sickness and death patterns.
  • A fear of the unfamiliar (un-family).

2. How the Drama Triangle prevents changing these patterns.
3. Skills to help your clients change these 12 family patterns.
4. How to help your clients identify and express their emotions in effective ways.
5. The role of betrayal and how to overcome its effects.
6. What causes these patterns to be transmitted to the next generation.
7. To help people connect the dots between what happened to them as a child and what is happening in their adult relationships.

AUDIENCE: Registered Psychotherapists, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidates, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage & Family Counselors Licensed Social Workers, and MA Level Counselor Education & Social Work Students

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT INFORMATION: This seminar is designed to meet some of the professional development requirements of Candidates for Licensure. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the program indicating 6.4 contact hours. Licensed Professional Counselors will receive an NBCC accredited Certificate of Attendance for 6.4 contact hours.


To register by phone, call (719) 445-0565.

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TIME: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

COST: $150 —  includes onsite lunch & copy of Barry Weinhold’s Breaking Free book

LOCATION: Central Colorado Springs, CO, exact location TBA

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