Conflict Resolution


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This experiential seminar looks at the underlying causes of conflicts, particularly unresolved developmental trauma (DT) from childhood. DT is also a primary cause of Drama Triangle dynamics and the Need-Obligate System–both of which are frequent client issues and addressed in the seminar content.

Mental health professionals who know how to help their clients resolve their conflicts are still in the minority. They, like their clients, tend to avoid conflict. The experiential components of the seminar teaches professionals how to help clients in mental health settings embrace conflict and use it as a tool for transforming relationship problems.

The seminar is based on the Weinholds’ textbook, Conflict Resolution: The Partnership Way. It presents unique systemic strategies for helping your clients learn how to resolve three kinds of conflicts—wants & needs, values & beliefs, and intractable conflicts. Conflicts also serve as a doorway that skillful counselors can use to help their clients identify the underlying causes of conflict, including unhealed developmental trauma and Drama Triangle dynamics.

 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Participants will learn-

  • Knowledge and skills in using a developmental, systemic approach to conflict resolution and mediation.
  • To identify your own personal approach to conflict resolution that incorporates elements of the expanded model of conflict resolution and mediation.
  • To develop strategies for applying the knowledge and skills learned in the class to their personal life and helping their clients resolve conflicts.
  • Strategies for promoting The Partnership Way of conflict resolution in schools and community agencies.
  • To understand how the Drama Triangle and the Need-Obligate System create conflicts in client’s relationships.
  • To identify hidden developmental traumas that are the source of intractable conflicts in their clients.
  • To identify systemic causes of conflict and violence.
  • To identify the causes of developmental crises, addictive behavior, and personality disorders in their clients.
  • How attitudes, values and beliefs are formed and how to change them if they no longer are functional for clients.
  • Theories of counseling as applied to the meta theory called Developmental Systems Theory.

AUDIENCE: Registered Psychotherapists, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidates, Licensed Professional Counselors, Social Workers, MA Level Counselor Trainees, and School Counselors.

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT INFORMATION: This seminar is designed to meet some of the professional development requirements of Candidates for Licensure. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the program indicating 6.4 contact hours. Licensed Professional Counselors will receive an NBCC accredited Certificate of Attendance for 6.4 contact hours.


To register by phone, call (719) 445-0565.

To register with a credit card, choose the session below.


DATES: TBA: $150.00 (includes onsite lunch)

LOCATION: Central Colorado Springs, CO, exact location emailed to you after registering


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