Psychopathology of Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000038_00066]DESCRIPTION: The Psychopathology of Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators seminar is based on Janae Weinhold’s book, Breaking Free of Con Artists, Sociopaths & Predators. A copy of the book is included in the cost of the seminar fee.

This professional program helps clinicians understand (not treat) the psychopathology of individuals with antisocial relational patterns that show up in their clients. It also helps mental health practitioners develop skills that help neutralize the power-driven manipulations that con artists, sociopaths typically use to dominate and prey on those around them.

The seminar examines how experiences of early developmental trauma shape the character structure of con artists, sociopaths and predators. It also includes inventories and exercises that help participants to identify their blind spots and to personalize the material.

A key part of the seminar focuses on how to help clients shift from victim consciousness to “getting smart.” It looks specifically at mastering Drama Triangle dynamics: recognizing a rescue, encountering your shadow, getting off the Drama Triangle, and taking charge of your life.

The seminar also presents specific strategies for protecting participants and their clients from relational, institutional and societal predators. It also describes how to protect children from predators, a growing concern today for parents.

 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Participants will learn:

  1. The differences between “life-giving” and “life-taking” behaviors in people.
What makes a person an ideal “mark” by con artists, sociopaths.
  3. How to identify people with deviant behavior without splitting or being judgmental.
  4. The differences between anti-social individuals and those with personality disorders.
  5. How to shift from victim consciousness to self-awareness by “getting smart.”
  6. To master the dynamics of the Drama Triangle.
Where to look for con artists, sociopaths and predators.
  8. Skills for encountering your own Shadow parts.
  9. How to protect yourself, your clients and children from relational, institutional and societal predators.
  10. Clinical strategies for coping with individuals who exhibit deviant and antisocial behaviors.

AUDIENCE: Registered Psychotherapists, Licensed Professional Counselor Candidates, Licensed Professional Counselors, Licensed Marriage & Family Counselors Licensed Social Workers, and MA Level Counselor Education & Social Work Students

CONTINUING EDUCATION CREDIT INFORMATION: This seminar is designed to meet some of the professional development requirements of Candidates for Licensure. You will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the program indicating 6.4 contact hours. Licensed Professional Counselors will receive an NBCC accredited Certificate of Attendance for 6.4 contact hours.


To register by phone, call (719) 445-0565.

To register with a credit card, click the button below:



COST:  $150.00

TIME: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Includes onsite lunch & a copy of Janae Weinhold’s Breaking Free of Con Artists, Sociopaths and Predators book

LOCATION: Central Colorado Springs, CO, exact location emailed after registering.

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