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Preventing Developmental Trauma

Preventing Developmental Trauma By definition, developmental shock, trauma, and stress are inflicted on infants and children unconsciously and most often without malicious intent by adult caregivers who are unaware of children’s social and emotional needs. Infants and children require energetic attunement; skin-to-skin, eye-to-eye, and right brain-to-right brain contact; kind and comforting words; and protection and […]

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Developmental Trauma Becomes A Controversial Political Issue

Researchers in children’s mental health have typically focused on more acute early-life interpersonal events that involve sexual or physical abuse, war, community violence. These traumatic and shocking experiences often occur within the child’s care-giving system by parents, relatives or childcare providers, and often include physical, emotional, and educational neglect and child maltreatment. So What’s the Controversy? It’s […]

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The Long-Term Effects of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Barry K. Weinhold, Ph.D. If you ever wondered how adverse childhood experiences might affect adult physical health, then you will be interested in these research findings.  In 1995, Kaiser Permanente surveyed 17,000 adults from Southern California where they found significant correlations between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and adult physical health problems. They found that the more […]

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What is Developmental Trauma?

Developmental trauma is caused by energetic disconnects between the child and mother during the first year of a child’s life. More severe disconnects can be classified as developmental shock, and less severe disconnects as developmental stress. Developmental trauma and developmental shock significantly disrupt children’s cognitive, neurological and psychological development and their ability to trust and attach to adult caregivers. […]

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