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What Makes Effective Psychotherapy? YOU!

Janae B. Weinhold, PhD LPC Are you an effective therapist? How can you become more effective in your work with clients? Psychologist George Rosenfeld’s book, Beyond Evidence-Based Psychotherapy,[1] looked at these questions, and he identified four factors: Therapist’s understanding of client symptoms & ability to treat client’s core issues – 40%. The therapist’s ability to […]

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Are You a Psychotherapy Technician or an Artist? — and What’s the Difference?

Janae B. Weinhold, PhD LPC There’s a big difference in psychotherapy between working as a technician vs. as an artist. Technicians focus more on the short-term and treating symptoms using “formulas” designed for a specific group or population. Artists focus more on the long-term and use a healing model to address the underlying issues. They […]

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