Susan Blue, Somatic Therapy and Education

What our TIC Certified Practitioners say about their experiences:

“I highly recommend the Weinholds’  Trauma Informed Care Training. The material they present is pertinent in understanding trauma, not only as an event but also in development as a human. I found it to be a rich opportunity for helping Healthcare Professionals understand the mechanism of trauma and its effect on the Central Nervous System. Barry and Janae include experiential learning with safe and skillful examples for facilitating self-process / exploration, as well as facilitation for others and group processes.
     Their training embodies presence, witnessing, connection, self-centering with resonance and much more. These qualities are the foundation to create healing for those who have been wounded. The Weinhold’s insights and experience fosters a deep understanding and respect for each person’s trauma experience and their ability to bring meaning and healing.
     Janae and Barry are beyond masterful. Their dedication to continue educating and writing reflects their evolving and conscious commitment to provide a better understanding of the human condition and how we can transcend.”
Susan Blue, Somatic Therapy and Education


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