Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Training

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Colorado Springs, CO

A training experience that goes beyond SAMHSA’s traditional TIC Model

  • Enhance your professional knowledge, skills, and career potential
  • Implement a Trauma-Responsive paradigm into both your personal and professional lives
  • Develop a transformative understanding of how stress from Adverse Childhood Experiences can affect the developing brain and impact maladaptive client behavior
  • Develop an increased self-awareness, a new outlook on personal development, and ways to avoid secondary traumatization.
  • Build confidence in your ability to enhance your agency, unit, or team's efficacy

You Will Learn:

  • To differentiate between trauma-informed/sensitive/responsive care training and trauma-specific training
  • The Four Categories of Trauma
  • Foundational theory, information, practices and protocols of Trauma-Responsive Training
  • The role of trauma in the human nervous system
  • Simple interventions for treating shock, trauma and stress states
  • Basic attachment theory
  • A developmental approach to psychopathology
  • About Disorganized Attachment and its role as an organizing force in humans and human systems
  • The long-term impact of Disorganized Attachment on the brain, endocrine system, nervous system and psyche
  • The correlation between trauma and addictions
  • The long-term impact of trauma and loss on physical and mental health
  • An attachment-based model of psychotherapy
  • About our integrative Relational/Somatic/Biochemical approach to healing trauma
  • How to identify and assess traumatized individuals
  • Practice-based trauma interventions
  • The critical role of the therapeutic relationship in healing traumas
  • How to help clients learn emotional self-regulation skills
  • How to help clients develop resiliency

Meet Your Trainers

Barry K. Weinhold

Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor

Barry K. Weinhold received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology in 1968 from the University of Minnesota. He taught at Ohio University and the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay before founding the Counseling and Human Services Program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

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Janae B. Weinhold

Ph.D., Licensed Professional Counselor

Janae Weinhold has her doctorate in Developmental Psychology from the Union Institute, is a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice, and a clinical specialist in attachment and developmental trauma. 

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You Will Become Proficient in:

  • Identifying the developmental sources of physical and mental health issues in children and adults
  • Building healthy, ethical and effective client-provider relationships based on an attachment/trauma model of psychotherapy
  • Assessing clients who are experiencing states of developmental stress, trauma and shock and to use ethical, evidence-based trauma-informed clinical interventions
  • Identifying the developmental sources of physical and mental health issues in children and adults
  • Building healthy, ethical and effective client-provider relationships based on an attachment/trauma model of psychotherapy
  • Identifying the correlations between relational trauma and addictions and the use of ethical, evidence-based trauma-informed clinical interventions
  • Identifying professional trauma-based counter-transference issues that might affect the client-provider relationship
  • Teaching clients in how to self-regulate their emotions and practice mindful self-care
  • Helping your clients become trauma-informed
  • Applying an awareness of developmental trauma to your own self-development

This training asks participants to apply the TIC framework to their personal lives in order to minimize countertransference issues that might interfere with their effectiveness as practitioners.

It includes multi-media lectures, self-awareness activities, group discussions, optional experiential learning, and completing an online textbook study prior to the live event.

Certificates are issued after completing a post-training, narrative, self-analysis paper.

Feedback From Our Students:

This Training is Designed for:

  • Social Services Providers, Victim Advocates, Child Welfare Staff, Guardians ad Litem
  • Victim Advocates, Sexual Harassment Counselors, Domestic Violence Center Staff
  • Counselors, Psychologists, Social Workers
  • Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, EMS
  • Physicians, Nurses, ER Staff
  • Lawyers, Judges, Legal Assistants
  • Clergy & Church Staff
  • Criminal Justice Officers and Administrators
  • Teachers & Higher Education Administrators, School Counselors
  • City Government Workers, Immigration Workers, Military Officers
trauma-informed care training

Cost: $600

This Training Qualifies for 13 NBCC Clock Hours

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