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    Welcome to the CPDC

    The Colorado Professional Development Center (CPDC) offers trauma-informed and attachment-informed seminars, workshops, Certificate Training Programs, and supervision/consultation services for mental health professionals. It also serves professionals who are actively working to further the psychological development of individuals, couples and families.

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    Trauma Informed Care Certificate

    CPDC’s Trauma-Informed Care Certificate Training Programs prepare healthcare practitioners to provide effective and ethical healthcare services for clients who have been exposed to both event and relational/developmental trauma as the healthcare industry moves towards a national trauma-informed care model of service delivery.

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Welcome to the Colorado Professional Development Center!

The Colorado Professional Development Center (CPDC) offers specialized professional development programs designed to address the game-changing paradigm shift now happening in the mental health profession. Our programs are based on developmental psychology and are both trauma-informed and attachment-informed, and use a process-oriented, relationship-based clinical model.

CPDC’s professional development courses are based on a constructivistic model that encourages participants to actively engage in self-development. This expands their capacities for inner work practices and builds skills in self-reflection, self-correction, self-directedness, self-authorizing and self-authoring. The outcome is a professional with a stronger personal identity who can function effectively in an attuned model of relationship-based psychotherapy.

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