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Are you are feeling lonely and social media only makes you feel worse?  Then you will find heartfelt guidance and support in your journey to create a more authentic life, in our many books, videos, podcasts, and a wide range of resources on this website.

Are you a health care professional, looking for meaningful courses to advance your career? Then you might consider our Trauma-Informed-Care Trainings. 

Our TIC Trainings are offered twice a year on-site in Colorado Springs. They go beyond traditional TIC trainings in that they cover the long-term effects of Attachment Trauma.

We offer individual and monthly group supervision for those who have completed our TIC trainings to help them integrate its principles and practices into their personal and professional work.

Do you have a vision for how life could be? We do! It’s based on the Law of Love and the process of LOVEvolution. We envision a world where we so can experience ourselves as authentic Possible Humans who are part of a Possible Humanity.

The quantum sciences say the Universe is a coherent system held together by the force of Love. Trauma has disconnected humans not only from each other, but from the cosmos and this Law. Our Model contains a heart-centered approach for healing the developmental trauma that keeps us separated.

Are you looking for information, guidance and support as you do your best to meet all the challenges of modern life? Are you ready for information that will challenge you and inspire you to create the life you always wanted but didn’t know how to make it happen?

This website offers you the information, guidance and support you need to meet these challenges and help you move forward on your journey towards a more authentic life.

For the last 34 years we have been on a journey to create a more authentic life for ourselves in a world that values fast-paced, superficial, manipulative inauthentic relationships.  

We would love to share with you what we have learned in our journey as we have attempted to create a life that is authentic both personally and professionally. We have an almost 24/7 relationship where we have had to carve out time for ourselves.